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Hardware troubleshooting is the process of reviewing, diagnosing and identifying operational or technical problems within a hardware device or equipment. It aims to resolve physical and/or logical problems and issues within a computing hardware.

Software troubleshooting is the process of scanning, identifying, diagnosing and resolving problems, errors and bugs in software. It is a systematic process that aims to filter out and resolve problems, and restore the software to normal operation.

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Have you ever installed a system and then had to go back to solve a problem that was overlooked? A basic understanding of CCTV video signals can save you hundreds of hours, improve customer relations and increase job profitability — all at the same time.

Knowing the fundamentals of CCTV operation will help you troubleshoot systems effectively setting Synch Pulse Amplitude.

A CCTV video camera creates synchronization pulses to lock the viewing monitor on the picture.

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